Living Trusts, Probate and More

your livelihood is also your legacy As a business owner,

Should anything happen to you, who decides what the fate of your business will be? If you know the answer to that question, you're one step ahead of most people. If you don't, it's never too late to find out.

My AttorneyLA, Liz Apodaca, can ensure that your legacy lives on the way you want it to. With a high level of estate planning skill, we draft thoughtful wills and establish living trusts that protect your assets and secure the future of those you hold dear. In cases involving probate we fight to carry out your wishes to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Successful estate planning should provide you with peace of mind by:

  • - Identifying trustees, executors & others who will act on your behalf
  • - Establishing a plan for the distribution of your assets & investments