Business Law is a broad range of legal concepts, as well as state and federal laws, governing how you conduct your business. The My Attorney LA team specializes in most areas of transactional Business Law. We can form your new business entity and document your business deals. With MyAttorneyLA, Liz Apodaca, as your Outside In-House Counsel you get personalized attention, assurance and confidence equal to having a lawyer on staff - without the ongoing expense of an in-house attorney on your payroll!

Our goal is to protect your professional interests and investments while safeguarding your personal assets and protecting your contractual rights. While doing business, it's imperative that you adhere to the federal, state and local laws governing your industry.

You must also realize that sharing your ideas, concepts and creations with others may adversely affect your business. This is especially true when entering into contracts and/or agreements with others and posting information that can be easily accessed online.

The backbone of your business is made up of the contracts that allow you to do business, such as commercial leases, vendor agreements, equipment or vehicle leases, and many others unique to your business. With our Outside In-House Counsel service, we will advise you on your contractual relationships for a low monthly fee. Call for more information.

Related Areas of Practice

We advise you in a variety of areas related to Business Law and are confident in our ability to help you minimize risk, maximize your level of compliance and manage the legal details that affect YOUR business on a daily basis.

While there are numerous ways we can help you, topics of primary concern for our clients are listed here for your convenience. Each is discussed more fully in the paragraphs below, please go to the links on the right for full details:

  • - Business Immigration
  • - Contract Law
  • - Corporate Compliance
  • - Estate Planning
  • - Intellectual Property Law

Business Immigration

With Business Immigration Law expertise, we help you avoid sanctions and pass inspection.

As a business owner or manager you need to know that an entire area of U.S. law is dedicated to the topic of Business Immigration and that compliance with those laws is paramount. My Attorney LA can help you understand how U.S. Business Immigration Law affects you, your employees and your business.

Don't let government inspection failure and related sanctions interfere with your success.

You've worked hard to establish your business and make it successful. We're committed to helping you protect your business assets, reputation and legacy. Failing government inspections related to Business Immigration can have dire consequences. Related sanctions can keep you from doing business and greatly affect your standing in the marketplace.

We help ensure your compliance by:

  • - Tracking changes in Business Immigration Law
  • - Identifying red flags & gaps in employee files and other documents
  • - Devising a strategy to bring your business into full compliance with the law

We can also assist with Visa Applications for business and employment.

Contract Law – Negotiation, Writing & Review

Contracts can be constructed and carried out in a number of ways.

Their effects can be felt across areas of your business as diverse as Accounting and Customer Service. At their best they protect your privacy, assets and investments. At their worst, they leave you vulnerable to lawsuits, loss of money and a tarnished reputation.

Don't let the fate of your business rest in a generic contract pulled from a book…

My Attorney LA, Liz Apodaca, can help you protect your privacy, assets and investments by reviewing and drafting contracts that put your needs first. Whether your goal is to form a legally sound LLC or transfer all or a portion of the ownership of your company, we know how to help you.

We also protect you against poor outcomes by:

  • - Reviewing contracts thoroughly before pen hits the signature line
  • - Informing you of your rights, potential risks & responsibilities
  • - Negotiating contract terms that favor your interests above all others'
  • - Using concise language to protect you & your business in a variety of situations

Corporate Compliance

While it sounds simple enough, corporate compliance can be a loaded term.

It covers your adherence to laws governing things like corporate record keeping, immigration law compliance and employee-employer relations. It also includes the formation of corporate ethics policies and procedures that comply with the laws under which you do business.

Successful compliance and ethics programs ideally:

  • - Protect your business against waste, fraud, abuse & lawsuits
  • - Boost owner, investor, shareholder & board member confidence
  • - Provide top down guidance for employee & management behavior
  • - Avoid sanctions & reduce government inspection failure rates by making your business compliant with immigration laws.

Source: Based, in part, on "Advocacy for Compliance" – a Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics special report

Conditions of employment, labor laws, immigration requirements, independent contractor agreements , non-disclosure agreements, corporate record keeping and reporting and more all fall under the corporate compliance umbrella. Don't leave the fate of your organization hanging in the balance. Contact Liz Apodaca today to construct a corporate compliance program that covers all the bases.